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I have been teaching for over 22 years. I have taught quite a few students over the years and I get such joy out of passing on all I have learned through my years as a guitarist. I have also watched a few of my students become "real players"! They are now full-time musicians.

Whether a student wants to play professionally or strictly for his or her own enjoyment, the gift of music is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

Although I specialize in teaching "Rock-Blues", I do teach other styles such as: Acoustic Delta Type Blues, Texas Blues, Jazzier Blues, Rock and R&B.

Ear training is another part of my teaching. This is a wonderful help to students wanting to be able to learn songs on their own. How to listen and be able hear the keys, chord changes, solos and so on. I can really help you with some basic guide rules to expanding your ears.

How to play better "Rhythm Guitar"!! Oh yes, the fine art of "Rhythm Guitar Playing"...This is where the magic can really happen for you. The wonderful world of chords and the use of rhythm patterns. A must for any player!

And finally 'soloing" in both major & minor pentatonic. How to play those cool 'blues licks" and how to phrase them....I will help you with better note selection & better phrasing".

I also conduct workshops/clinics. The workshops have been such a great way for students to learn how to play ensemble (together with other players).

I also will teach you how to use your gear. How to get the tones and use your amp. Also the knobs & pickups on your electric!

I am very passionate about my teaching. If you are interested in studying with me please contact me.

If you love guitar, then play it! 

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Of course I will break all of this down for you step by step !